The Money Buddha Podcast

Joline Cloutier, a long time Mortgage Broker based in Moncton New Brunswick, is on a journey to connect with people who live their lives by design. Joline is always curious and inspired by people who follow what lights them up in their business and in life and wants to know more about their stories and habits and everything in between. A fun and light listen that serves as a reminder to follow the things that lights you up, big and small! You have the power to design YOUR life, with things that makes it exciting.

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Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

Chatelle est une fille simple de Shediac, Nouveau-Brunswick qui a toujours eu une passion pour aider les autres. En grandissant, elle voulait devenir infirmière, mais a rapidement découvert que ce n'était pas de cette manière qu'elle voulais aider. Elle a decouvert l'administration et a travaillé dans plusieurs roles. Un jour, elle a décidé qu'elle en avait assez et que ce qu'elle faisait ne l'excitait plus. Elle a toujours eu une passion pour l'immobilier ou les emplois liés aux maisons, mais ce rêve semblait si lointain, jusqu'à ce que Joline entre dans sa vie. ;) Pendant son temps libre, elle aime prendre soins de ses poules et passer du temps avec sa famille, elle est très bien installer à Memramcook au bord de la riviere Peticodiac.

Thursday May 30, 2024

Colleen Ferguson, has rightfully earned the label of "hopeless optimist." For nearly three years, she navigated life with an ileostomy, maintaining a positive outlook through meditation, journaling, and gratitude. As a single mother of two, she found solace in nature, often hiking in Fundy. During the pandemic, she embraced personal growth, becoming a meditation, Reiki level 2, and chakra healing practitioner. Now, she channels her passion into her role as an executive assistant with the City of Moncton. Today, we explore her inspiring journey, the wisdom she's gained, and the impact of optimism amidst life's trials.

Thursday May 16, 2024

Joss Santerre specializes in therapy tailored for men including golf therapy. He is the founder of Foxhole Therapy and Counseling Services in Moncton and also serves clients throughout New Brunswick with online services. What started as a part-time endeavor in September 2022 has blossomed into a full-time commitment in March of 2024. With a unique approach to counseling, including innovative sessions like golf therapy conducted on courses or at a golf simulator, our guest creates safe spaces for clients to open up and address the challenges weighing on their minds. He is a passionate advocate for mental health and addiction recovery.

Friday May 10, 2024

Alex believes lasting impact always starts with your story. From the first time his mom put him on stage as a kid, he has been using his unique gifts to connect with any audience. As a former Actor and Pastor, now Public Speaker, Coach, and Author, he knows firsthand how important a clear story is for personal development, business strategy, and authentic connection in our world today.
With the StoryArc Method, Alex coaches international speakers, bestselling authors, millionaire founders, and hundreds of business owners around the world to stand out with their signature story and speak with confidence. As a Speaker, Alex is known for his captivating storytelling, dynamic energy, and clear ideas that lead to lasting change.

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Jean-Eva Dickie, owner and matchmaker of Book of Love Canada {currently serving NB and NS} a company revolutionizing the dating scene since 2018. Starting with a first speed dating event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they've expanded to host various singles events, group dating workshops, coaching services, and more. By 2023, they connected nine couples within 3 to 6 months, celebrated fourteen couples at 6+ months, and even facilitated four engagements and five weddings, welcoming five Book of Love babies. Through her journey with Book of Love Canada, she's discovered personal fulfillment, happiness, and love with her fiancé and six-month-old daughter. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey, passion for matchmaking, coaching, and business growth, and the intertwining of love and entrepreneurship.

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Samuel Bourgeois est un musicien de bluegrass/folk dont les compositions, inspirées de divers genres, résonnent avec une touche moderne grâce à la guitare acoustique, la contrebasse, le violon, le banjo et des harmonies nostalgiques. Ses paroles authentiques capturent la vie quotidienne et des histoires uniques qu'il souhaite partager. Venant d'une famille de musiciens, à l'âge de 15 ans, il a commencé à jouer de la guitare et chanter. Dans sa vingtaine, il a suivi sa passion en jouant dans divers endroits au Nouveau-Brunswick avec différents groupes. En 2021, il s'est lancé en solo pour explorer les possibilités des instruments à cordes, lançant depuis quatre extraits radio disponibles sur toutes les plateformes numériques. En 2022 et 2023, il a participé à des événements tels que les Conférences 506 de Musique NB et les Chemins d'écriture du Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac au Québec. Finaliste du prix Raymond Breau au dernier Gala de la chanson de Caraquet, il lancera son premier album "Garde un oeil overt" le 4 mai au Monument Lefebvre à Memramcook - monument.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

Our guest Matt LeBlanc, unexpectedly became an artist after working in the marketing world for many years. While on this journey, he followed his intuition of doing his first solo art show - to create 200 paintings himself within 6 months and donating the profits to charity in memory of his late sister who passed away from cancer at the age of 5 years old. That event is what started his passion for creating Fusion Productions that has now captivated over 20,000 guests across nine successful productions. He’s collaborated with over 800 local artists to enrich these performances. With a marketing degree and numerous business awards, his strategic vision propels Fusion towards new heights. His art has sold over 4,000 paintings in 20+ countries since 2007 while his philanthropist efforts has raised over $200,000 for charities.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Jon Stephenson is the Director of Marketing & Design Operations for the Elmwood Group. A third-generation family owned business with 6 Home Hardware locations, 2 retail stores & 1 door manufacturing plant. Funnily enough, his career path wasn't aiming towards marketing; He actually went to university for political science and aspired to be a lawyer. He is an incredibly active human who's always been attracted to new experiences & adventures, but more recently focused on finding what's worth putting his focused energy into. He is currently on a journey of creating one post per day for the next year which has given him the most introspective and growth and uses it as his creative outlet.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Renee-Claude is a CPA turned mindset coach, podcast host of it's Renee Podcast, and founder of Melia Beauty. After going through a divorce at 30 years old, it sparked a profound journey of rediscovery and finding her authentic self which lead her to creating her ideal life that is fully aligned.
In this episode, she shares her story of resilience, transition, and newfound purpose. From navigating divorce to embracing new motherhood, Renee-Claude's hope is to inspire others with her story.
Discover the transformative power of authenticity and mindset with the fun, positive and so very lovely Renee-Claude Arseneau!

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Angela followed her intuition and made the brave decision to quit her "stable" employment to follow what felt more natural and therapeutic. Which led her to open her own business Mohawks & Misfits K9 Grooming, a business that reflects her passion.
Throughout her journey, she has faced challenges head-on, stumbling, falling, and getting back up stronger and more determined every time. Known for her straightforward, honest, and bold approach, she's someone who says what she means and means what she says. Behind that strong exterior is a passionate, humble, and empathetic individual who always roots for the underdog - pun intended. ;)
Angela shares her insights, experiences, and wisdom, both as a business owner and as a compassionate human.


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